The Wolf Rattles His Cage

Deep inside I hide him
Where no one has been
It is dark where he is
Metal, Stone, and bone chilling Cold
He is strong
His fur keeps him warm from the fire in his chest

The spell I cast on the bars and lock long ago keep him inside that cage
He is wild and frightful
Powerful and deadly
Protective and loving
Fearful and cunning

Is it fear that I have?
Is it me that he wants?
His cravings are strong
He is wild and dark
Those golden eyes with streaks of red flame
His passion burns
He wants to be free
I see it in his eyes
I feel it in his heart

It’s that time again
The sun sets
But the night is filled with light
The beautiful white disk in the sky
Larger than I remember
The longer I stare the more it fills my sight
I’m blinded by it’s light that surrounds me

He rattles his cage

I can’t hold back
He is too powerful
A loud howl springs from the cage in my chest
Long have I waited for this
But alone is my voice carried in the air
Silence everywhere
I scream my calling howl louder hoping that someone will hear
His eyes burn through mine
He is searching as well
Where is she?

A human voice yelling for me to shut up
They can’t understand
The can’t see him
The Wolf I lock up inside all alone
His beautiful pelt gleaming, and eyes made of gold
This is his only relief
The call that he makes

It’s me that’s inside
It’s me that I lock away
No one will understand it
The feeling deep inside burning, turning, ripping, gnawing, chewing, and striking
He wants out, he demands his freedom
Trapped in a world that doesn’t understand

But I can’t let him out
Not yet
Not now
Maybe not ever
Not until she comes

The one with the key
Bright red is her fur
Cunning and sleek
Slipping through my defenses and protective walls
She will unlock him
Then I will be free
She will understand the Wolf within me
She will accept him and hold him
Love everything that he is
And drive out the nightmares of those before her

Until that time he will just have to rattle that cage and howl at the moon